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          1. Tel:0086-571-63755868

            Tel:+86 571-63755868

            Fax:+86 571-63808328


            OUR PRODUCTS
            ABOUT US

            Zhejiang Wanpeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

            Zhejiang Wanpeng Industrial Co., Ltd., whose former organization is Hangzhou Lin’an WANLI Telecom Cable Factory, locates in Lin’an, Hangzhou, China. It was founded in 1994 and specialized in producing coaxial cable and nonwoven fabric. It takes up an area of 40000 square meters, which contains 18000 square meters modern standard workshop with more than 200 employees.
            We have eight production lines of physical foaming and one hundred twenty five high-speed braiding machines to produce coaxial cable. The annual production is about three hundred thousand kilometers. Our company has passed ISO9001 and our products have many international certifications such as UL, CE, ROHS and are sold well in European and Southeast Asian Markets.
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